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  • $8.5 Million: Confidential v. Confidential

    December 2021

    Los Angeles County. Motorcycle accident resulting in mild traumatic brain injury and multiple orthopedic injuries requiring surgery to Plaintiff.   Read On

  • $8 MIllion: Confidential v. Confidential

    December 2019

    Los Angeles County. Car accident resulting in spinal cord injury and orthopedic injuries to Plaintiff.  Read On

  • $3 Million: Acosta v. Grounds Bakery Cafe, et al.

    August 2022

    Los Angeles County. Motorcycle collision. Defendant was driving a van and pulled out in front of Plaintiff's lane of travel. Plaintiff laid his motorcycle down on its side, crashed into the Defendant's van, and suffered serious injuries. Defendant initially denied liability and contended that Pla... Read On

  • $2 Million: Confidential v. Confidential

    April 2020

    San Diego County. Wrongful death of husband and father of two young children. Father passed away at an extreme sporting event.  Read On

  • $1.58 Million: Confidential v. Confidential

    February 2022

    Motorcycle accident. Los Angeles County. Plaintiff was travelling on his motorcycle when a private ambulance pulled out of an alley and crossed over Plaintiff's lane of travel. A collision ensued and Plaintiff suffered a head injury, concussion with post concussion syndrome, a back injury that re... Read On

  • $1.5 Million. Smith v. Schaeffer

    October 2021

    San Diego County. Rollover car accident resulting in spinal injury with surgery to Plaintiff.  Read On

  • $1.5 Million: Gomez v. Seager

    September 2019

    Orange County. Car accident. Plaintiffs were husband and wife. They were making a left turn through an intersection when Defendant ran a red light and "T-Boned" the Plaintiff's vehicle causing it to roll over. Plaintiff wife suffered internal injury to small bowel requiring surgery. Plaintiff hus... Read On

  • $1 Million: Carroll v. Twinz Towing & Transportation, et al.

    August 2019

    Ventura County. Car accident. Policy limit settlement. Plaintiff was travelling on the US 101 when he pulled onto the shoulder to load a surfboard into his vehicle. Defendant was driving a tow truck within the course and scope of his employment for tow truck company. Defendant was not paying atte... Read On

  • $1 Million: Liu v. Jia Bao Corp.

    April 2019

    Los Angeles County. Wrongful death of husband. Decedent was a passenger in a semi-truck travelling from California to Oklahoma. While in Oklahoma, the driver of the semi-truck negotiated a bank in the road at a high speed resulting in the semi-truck rolling onto its side and sliding off the roadw... Read On

  • $1 Million: Rahenkamp v. Confidential

    August 2019

    Los Angeles County. Car accident. Plaintiff was involved in a rear-end collision resulting in injury to her neck, back, and shoulders. She eventually underwent surgery for a torn rotator cuff and fusion of two levels in her cervical spine. Defendant had purchased a commercial auto liability polic... Read On

  • $650,000: Tomasko v. New West Designs, Inc.

    December 2019

    Orange County. Motorcycle collision. Plaintiff was an on-duty Orange County Sheriff's Deputy. Defendant pulled his truck out of a private driveway and directly into Plaintiff's path of travel. Plaintiff had not time to react and T-Boned Defendant's truck. Plaintiff went flying through the air and... Read On

  • $500,000: Jiminez v. Crandall

    November 2019

    Dog bite. Ventura County. Plaintiff Harmonie Jiminez was an 8 year-old girl playing at a neighborhood friend's house. She was attacked viciously by the neighbor's two dogs for several minutes. She was bit in the face, chest on both sides, and left leg resulting in permanent scarring to all areas,... Read On

  • $425,000: Boehm v. Target Corporation

    November 2023

    Orange County. Premises liability lawsuit. The Plaintiff was stabbed in the hand with a knife during an attempted robbery in the parking lot of the Target parking lot in Mission Viejo, CA. The Plaintiff's hand/finger was lacerated, and required eleven sutures. She also was  diagnosed with PTSD an... Read On

  • $187,500: Shoup v. Farmer Boys Food, Inc.

    October 2022

    Orange County. Slip and fall at Farmer Boys Food, Inc. in Huntington Beach, CA. Plaintiff slipped and fell on a drink spilled in the dining room. Defendant's employee wet mopped and dry mopped the area but failed to sweet up the ice in a dustpan. Plaintiff slipped on the ice and fell on his knee.... Read On

  • $115,000: Bruce Brockmeier v. Confidential

    September 2019

    Orange County. Car accident. Mr. Brockmeier was driving his vehicle on a local freeway when another driver made an unsafe lane change and struck Mr. Brockmeier's vehicle. Mr. Brockmeier's vehicle struck the median and then was struck by another vehicle approaching on the freeway. He suffered a he... Read On

  • $100,000: Tibbitts v. Uber

    August 2023

    San Diego County. Auto versus pedestrian accident. The Plaintiff and her husband ordered an Uber and when it arrived the husband opened the front passenger door and sat down. The Plaintiff went around the back of the vehicle and opened the rear passenger door on the driver's side and before she g... Read On

  • $75,000: Lesnansky v. Confidential

    April 2017

    Orange County. Bicycle accident. Plaintiff was a student at UCI. He was riding his bicycle to campus. He was riding on the sidewalk and was approaching a driveway into a private parking lot. Defendant was exiting the parking lot and was stopped in the driveway looking for a break in traffic so th... Read On

  • $50,000 Judgement After Jury Verdict: Raymond Franco v. Eric Thomas

    April 2018

    San Bernardino County. Car accident. Plaintiff was driving through Auto Center Drive on a green light when Defendant made an unprotected left turn and crossed over Plaintiff's lane. A collision ensued. Moderate injuries included neck pain, shoulder pain, and back pain. MRI of the lumbar spine rev... Read On

  • $25,000: Hernandez v. Mercury Insurance

    November 2022

    Orange County. Motor vehicle collision resulting in concussion and neck and back pain. Ms. Hernandez was a passenger in a vehicle that was rear-ended by an uninsured driver. She hit her head and suffered headaches, nausea, and light sensitivity as well as neck and back pain. She received treatmen... Read On

  • $15,000: French v. Ferreira

    November 2022

    San Diego County. Bicyclist versus motor vehicle. Plaintiff was riding his e-bike when he was struck by Defendant who failed to yield at a stop sign. Plaintiff fractured five ribs and had blood/fluid inside the chest cavity. The maximum insurance available was the Defendant driver's auto liabilit... Read On

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