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$3 Million: Acosta v. Grounds Bakery Cafe, et al.

August 2022

Los Angeles County. Motorcycle collision. Defendant was driving a van and pulled out in front of Plaintiff's lane of travel. Plaintiff laid his motorcycle down on its side, crashed into the Defendant's van, and suffered serious injuries. The collision resulted in multiple fractures to Plaintiff's lower leg, ankle, and foot, as well as neck, shoulder, and back pain. Plaintiff underwent multiple surgeries to repair the fractures to his lower leg, ankle, and foot; and physical therapies and epidural steroid injections to his lumbar spine. Plaintiff was in an apprenticeship program to become an inside wireman but was unable to return to the apprenticeship program and could no longer become a journeyman electrician and union member. Defendant initially denied liability and contended that Plaintiff was at fault for not paying attention.   

*This case was handled by David Blain as an attorney-employee for another law firm. The case ultimately settled shortly after Mr. Blain left the firm to start his own practice. However, Mr. Blain was the sole attorney to litigate the case for 3 years prior to his departure.

Practice area(s): Car / Auto Accident, Personal Injury

Court: Los Angeles County

David Blain, Esq.

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